Hey all! I'm so excited to say that better quality photos are here to stay! I've finally invested in a DSLR camera; a Nikon D5300 to be exact and an 85mm f/1.8 lens that gives off that street-style photography look so effortlessly. As I continue to learn how to create flawless outfit images, you can only expect the content on my blog to get better with time so stick around! :) In the meantime, enjoy these photos with the new camera and these "athleisure" pants that I've been loving at the moment. 

I love anything that will make me look and feel like a cool girl, so it's no surprise that I am a fan of the Athleisure trend. There isn't much to it other than making athletic-wear or athletic inspired pieces look more luxurious and dressed up to say the least. Simple and chic is always the way to go for me. These pants definitely give off that vibe and adding other cool girl staples like a leather jacket and shades definitely completes it.

A few years ago this was called "sporty chic". The fashion industry always finds ways to reinvent trends and that is my most favorite thing about it. Being able to recreate something so that everyone has a chance to enjoy it again is sort of like revising your work. 

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