As you may all know by now, I have a love for all things aesthetically pleasing. That not only includes perfect Instagram feeds full of white and contrast, amazing food shots, as well as simple outfits, but also beautiful architecture. Pretty things are so pleasing to look at!

Finding a location to shoot outfit posts isn't always easy, especially when taking into consideration many different elements that will effect the overall image aesthetic such as greenery and the amount of people in the area. I'm sure strangers don't want to be in my photos just as much as I don't want them either! And anyone around usually just stares confused and probably wondering "who does she think she is?" The less faces, the better needless to say.

This location was absolutely perfect! I normally love a good minimal streetstyle shot with not very many elements to distract the look of my outfits, but also enough so that there is still character to the photos. These were shot on the steps of a church in Harlem with so many Paris street vibes and I still can't get enough of how amazing they came out! The location was perfect and went along so well with my classic Parisian style outfit as well. All thanks to finally getting the hang of the settings on my Nikon and my boyfriendtographer's skill for an eye. 

Let me know what you think! Thanks for reading :)