It has been 5 years since I've started my fashion blogging journey. It all began as a final project for an English class in my second year of college and my professor convinced me to continue blogging. He saw the passion I had for both writing and fashion and said I would be a natural. I had already been obsessed with bloggers and made sure to keep up with posts from Dulce Candy, Maytedoll, Chriselle Lim, and Nany's Klozet to name a few. Seeing the drive and consistency they all had (and of course amazing style), made me want to get better and take my blog to the next level. After a lot of time and decision making, I am confident in the place where my blog is currently at and can't wait to continue growing it even more thanks to all of you readers.

As an homage to one of my very first posts, I thought I would share with you all the recipe for an outfit and if you've been a loyal reader, you know I like to call it STACing! Keep reading to find out what it all means. :)

Statement: The first step to a great outfit is deciding what you want your statement piece to be. This is as simple as it sounds. For my statement piece in this outfit, I've chosen to go with this very tacky and boujie bag from Aldo that I love so much; similar to the lucky charm bag by Chanel. It definitely makes a statement. I recommend having only one statement piece but go for 2 if your'e bold enough! Choosing this first will help you style your other pieces around it.

Texture: This might be my favorite part of putting together outfits. Anything with a texture helps break up a boring outfit and gives it more dimension. Leather, suede, knits, lace, embroidery, denim, you name it! My textured item here are these suede over the knee boots. Pairing them with these denim skinnys adds more texture as well.

Arrangement: Keeping a balance is important in your outfits as well. Here I am wearing more of a flowy top so I've decided to keep my bottom slimmer. This works vice versa as well. If I were wearing looser fitting bottoms, I'll wear a slimmer fitting top to define my shape without looking like a blob. Unless of course the over-sized look is your thing, then go for it! :)

Contrast: I once had the C stand for color but in discovering my style more throughout the years, I'm not one who tends to gravitate towards a lot of color so I've switched this into contrast. Adding contrast to an outfit gives it an overall completed look. This can mean adding a pop of color, wearing different shades of the same neutral tone, metallic hardware like gold and silver, or complimenting your skin and eye color with colors that bring out your best features. EX: I love contrasting with white because for me it adds enough interest and looks great against my tan skin and helps break up all the black that I wear.

What I'm wearing: Aldo Charm Bag (sold out/similar), H&M blouse (similar), Express Double Breasted Vest, Gap Skinny Jeans, Akira Over The Knee Boots, Quay Cat-Eye Sunglasses, DIY Choker


Thanks for reading! Share your outfit tips or questions with me below!

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