It's the greatest time of the year...or is it really? Attending New York Fashion Week has always been a dream that seemed far out of reach for so long, until I decided that blogging and being a content creator was my passion and nothing would stop me from reaching that goal. I worked hard to create quality and consistent content that would speak for itself and the invitations shortly after started rolling in for fashion events, presentations, and shows during NYFW. It felt amazing to see that my work was being noticed and appreciated by many!



After attending my first New York Fashion Week a couple of years ago, I quickly noticed just how judgmental and superficial the industry can be. I wasn't naive or oblivious to it before, but being in a social setting where there are so many cliques of women staring at you up and down, wondering if they are dressed better and searching for the designer labels in your outfit can quickly change your mood.

This year, I felt that I would much rather miss an event than to feel judged for not being over 5'9, long blonde haired, and dressed head to toe in designer labels. It is so hard not to compare yourself in a place that is all about your image and being perfect. I am simply not and I'm aware that no one really is. I love myself and the woman that I am. Comparison is truly the thief of joy!


I have to admit that I am also not the biggest social butterfly out there and being shy makes these events a nerve wracking and anxious experience at times. It's hard to meet people and make new connections when it seems like most aren't interested in mingling with anyone other than their group of "friends". I say "friends" because on many occasions I've seen a lot of fake love. So much that a woman left another woman she came to an event with for a clique of others that promised to get her into an exclusive event. The shade is really real folks.


This past NYFW has taught me that it's okay to be an introvert and I would really much rather focus my energy on continuing to grow the Jina Michele brand and producing quality content. And if that means saving money as well by not buying a new fancy outfit and a chauffeur to miss a 15 minute fashion show, I am perfectly okay with that. I know my worth and I don't need to feel validated with an invitation. 



Thanks for reading!


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