Denim is for sure a staple in my wardrobe. I love how versatile it is and can easily be dressed up without looking too serious. And although the styles of denim change often, a trendy denim skirt is no exception to my denim obsession. Believe it or not, this skirt was different when I purchased it and if you want to find out how I transformed a classic denim skirt like this, keep reading! Here's a hint, "thighs don't lie" :)

Like many good quality pieces, getting better with time is always satisfying, and although this denim skirt was affordably priced, I knew the denim would eventually do the same. I just didn't expect for it to be transformed like this! Believe it or not, the slit on the side was not there when I purchased this and my thighs had a better design idea for this skirt I guess when they decided to continue the rip and create the slit. I'm not complaining though because I think it added more character and uniqueness to the skirt and I love it even more! 

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